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KMB 18, facial pour travaux sous-marins
Un très joli facial de fabrication US. Celui-ci présente de lourdes traces d'utilisation et demandera une sévère remise à niveau. Je remercie Bernard pour son aide précieuse !

Extrait du site du fabricant
The fully tested and certified KMB 18 & 28 BandMasks® may be used in mixed gas diving as well as shallow water diving. The SuperFlow® adjustable demand regulators provide low inhalation resistance and high gas flow letting the diver breathe easier and work harder with less exertion. Both masks come standard with the large tube SuperFlow® 350 regulator. The Side Block Assembly of both the KMB 18 and 28 receives the umbilical over the shoulder in the B configuration. They both come standard with the Tri-Valve® exhaust system, and the new BandMask® BandKeepers®

The Tri-Valve® Exhaust System has less breathing resistance than the older single valve exhaust. It retrofits to all previous Kirby Morgan BandMasks®.The BandMask® BandKeepers® coupled with the redesigned hood not only prevent any separation of the hood from the mask but also makes it impossible for the bands to separate from the mask. The communications connections can be either a male waterproof plug in type or bare wire posts.The KMB 28B BandMask® is very similar to the KMB 18. Many parts on the KMB 18B are interchangeable with the KMB 28B. The major difference between the 18 and 28 is the material of the mask frame itself. The KMB 18 has a hand laid fiberglass frame (yellow) while the KMB 28B frame is an extremely durable injection molded plastic (black). The relative ease of production of the KMB 28 frame allows for a lower cost and quicker delivery of this mask. Other differences include: 1) The main exhaust body of the KMB 28 is part of the frame itself and uses a #545-041 main exhaust cover 2) no comfort insert is required on the "28" 3) the face ports for the 18 and the 28 differ slightly in size

CE Certification
The Band Mask has been tested and conforms to the performance requirements as set forth in Annex II of
Directive 89/686/EEC and, as far as applicable, the EN 250:2000, EN 250/A1:2006 and EN 15333-1:2008 (Class C). It is fully CE marked with demand regulator SuperFlow® 350 and oral nasals P/N 510-690 and P/N 510-747.

A. Head Harness (Spider) keeps the mask in place on the divers head. The neoprene rubber spider has adjustment holes for varying the tension of the harness.
B. Hood/Face Seal provides the diver a comfortable thermal barrier around their head as well as pockets for earphones
C. Auxiliary Valve supplies backup breathing gas to the diver.
D. Gas Supply Non-Return Valve prevents loss of gas pressure in the event of umbilical damage, preventing a "squeeze".
E. Steady Flow Valve provides an additional flow of air into the mask for ventilation and defogging.
F. Communications Connections can be either bare wire posts or a waterproof connector. The waterproof type is recommended when a "round robin" or diver/tender both microphones "on" communications system is used.
G. Tri-Valve® Exhaust With Whisker Wings which retrofits to many previous Kirby Morgan Helmets and BandMasks®, has less breathing resistance than the older single valve exhaust while providing an extremely dry hat. The Tri-Valve® Exhaust is made of a chemical resistant compound.
H. Water Exhaust helps keep water drained from the mask.
I. Demand Regulators The SuperFlow® 350 KMB 18 and KMB 28 regulator provides easy breathing for hard work.
J. Nose Block Device allows the diver to block the nose to equalize ears.
K. Silicone Oral Nasal Mask is made of a superior silicone material which is hypo-allergenic. It also provides an attachment area for the optional prescription lens frame, kit part number 525-775 with oral nasal and 525-776 without oral nasal.
L. Mask Frame hand laid fiberglass for the KMB 18, injection molded plastic for the KMB 28
M. Band Keepers The new patent pending BandMask® BandKeepers® coupled with the redesigned hood not only prevent any separation of the hood from the mask but also makes it impossible for the bands to separate from the mask.
N. Stainless Steel Bands hold the Hood/Face seal in place on the mask frame. They also provide the mounting studs for the Head Harness (Spider).


Le même facial lors d'un démontage (donné pour révision). Il y a pas mal de vieillissement caché.
Photos: André QUICK /

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