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livre commandé...enfin, le 2ème car le 1er a été donné :mrgreen:

en passant une petite vidéo...

Evacuation of Hanko is a documentary on naval warfare in the Gulf of Finland. The time of the story isWinter war November-December 1941, when Russian convoys evacuate 28 000 soldiers from Hanko to Leningrad to defend the city against the Germans. The convoy vessels are overloaded. Several warships are lost in the effective minefields laid by the Finns and in the coastal artillery fire from Fort Mäkiluoto. The losses of the Soviet Union amount to thousands of men. We follow four Russian warships and one submarine and their crews who disappear into the depths of the Gulf of Finland. Our diving team, which specialises in underwater photography, visits the wrecks 70 years after the incidents. Some of the wrecks have never been visited by divers before. The documentary shows footage on e.g. Virsaitis, the former flagship of the Latvian Navy. The discovery already reached the headlines of the Latvian media while the documentary was still being made.

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